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Monday, July 03, 2006



John King goes after Lieberman on CNN. Crooks and Liars has it (as does YouTube):

Hmm... seems folks like Reid and Schumer are not too happy about these developments:

KING: You say a petitioning Democratic candidate, but as you know, you would be on the ballot as unaffiliated. I want you to help me through the positions you have put some of your friends in. The leadership, Chuck Schumer, who runs the Democratic senatorial committee, Harry Reid, who of course is the Democratic leader — they are supporting you in the primary.

Should you lose that primary, they won’t answer the question right now, they say we will get there if that happens. But sources are telling our Dana Bash that they would feel most likely that they would have no choice but to support your opponent as the Democratic nominee in the primary.

Update: Lamont's press conference now up on YouTube.
Nedheads YouTube versions all up now. The CNN one at

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