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Monday, July 03, 2006


Joe Jumps Ship

Today, Joe Lieberman cut-and-ran from the Democratic party on the slowest news day of the summer.

In announcing he would run as a petitioning candidate in November if he loses on August 8th, he has clearly stated he is no longer a member of the Democratic party. The only thing he is concerned about right now is his own desperate attempt to hold on to power.

Members of a party abide by primary results. There is no such thing as an "petitioning Democrat." If there was, Joe could accept the Republican endorsement and run as a "Republican Democrat."

Joe has also clearly stated he thinks he will lose the primary on August 8th. His internal polls must look even worse than I thought.

Just like when Joe ran for Vice President and Senate at the same time in 2000 - meaning that if he and Gore had won, Democrats would have lost a senate seat to a Republican appointment - he is again putting his own career and self-interest ahead of his constitutents and his party (or now ex-party).

In addition, Joe has just created a world of shit for his supposed friends Harry Reid, Chuck Schumer, Chris Dodd, Diane Farrell, Joe Courtney, and Chris Murphy. I wonder what they all think of this.

This is how he treats his friends. This is how he treats his party. On the slowest news day of the summer.

These are the actions of a very weak candidate, and a selfish and cowardly man.

What a sorry sight to see an 18-year incumbent senator running scared from a little primary challenge like this. No backbone. No courage. No integrity.

And not a Democrat anymore, either.

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Update: A reminder of some of the many Connecticut Democrats who have stated they will support the primary winner:

Dan Malloy: Democratic nominee, Governor
John DeStefano: Democratic candidate, Governor
Nancy DiNardo: Democratic State Party Chairman
George Jepsen: Former Democratic State Party Chairman, Former State Senate Majority Leader
Susan Bysiewicz: Secretary of State
Richard Blumenthal: Attorney General
Joe Courtney: 2nd District Congrssional nominee
Chris Murphy: 5th District Congressional nominee

Might be worth asking them again, as well as asking those who haven't answered yet.

Update 2: Lieberman three weeks ago:

"I'm really focused on the Democratic primary and I'm not doing anything beyond that," Lieberman said.

I guess that statement is now inoperative.
why are you so sure that joe is bolting?
ok, I see it -


incredible; he is going with his "independent Democrat" crap -
this is not good, he will still spit up some of the dem vote if he runs in a three way, Ned needs to destroy him so he is not a valid option in Nov.
Ned needs to destroy him so he is not a valid option in Nov.

Yes, Frankie, that's what debates are for. :)

Isn't there one on this week?
You have really shown democracy can still work - removing someone with so much an incumbant advantage and favorability with the party in power is a tremendous victory. For you, and the people of Connecticut

Does this mean he can be removed from the democratic primary now? He certainly shouldn't be considered a representitive of the Democratic Party anymore.
This gives Ned SOOO much ammunition for Thursdays debate. I hope he sticks it to him on thursday, this debate should show CT dems Joe's true view of the CT democratic electorate.

I think the debate is still on, or has this announcment called it off?

Either way, isnt it intresting how short notice this press confrence was called. Not even CTN is covering it.
Hey... outside observer here. It's interesting that he does this two days before the debate: does he fear that, should he get creamed in the debate, he would look like even more of a looser when he announced his independent run?
or, i she trying to make "independence" "JFK democrat" the topic of the debate?
When you've contacted your local candidates, it couldn't hurt to talk to your town chair.
I just had a computerized call from Joe in which he told me how he wanted to "personally" explain today's announcement, that he's always been a proud Democrat, and that he can do a better job than his oppponents.

I think one thing that people are missing is that he is saying that he will run as an independent Democrat. That gives the DSCC cover and allows other candidates to say that they are supporting a democrat.

This was not a bad move for the Senator: He anounces on the right day when the "low information voters are not paying attentions and he can still say he is a democrat when he loses the primary. And if he wins the primary he can say that he never left the democratic party.

Ned should not be looking for DC real estate yet. We have a long hard fight ahead of us.
What is best for Connecticut?
-Keep a Senator who can work for the people of CT. Electing Ned Lamont will only get you the least Senior member of the US Senate. Joe is a DC power broker that can get things done for his home state.

-You are all voting against the IRAQ war. NOTHING Lamont can do as Senator will have the most minute impact.

-Joe may not agree with you on the war, but he is the best candidate for your state. Lamont would be a pariah in the Senate within his own caucus.
I want to agree with what anonymous @ 3:01 said, and bring to your attention that you used the expression world of shit in your post. You blogofascist!
With regards to the 2000 CT-Sen point raised: Gore made his VP choice around August 6th, 2000. Was it actually possible for anoter Democrat to enter the race at that late stage of the season? Given that the primary this time is on August 8th, the filing deadline in 2000 may have been much earlier, and hence my guess is that, it was probably nearly impossible to field a Democratic replacement candidate if Lieberman were to drop out at that late stage. Is my guess incorrect?

Anonymous states that there's nothing Lamont can do about the Iraq war, igoring the huge pulpit that the Senate is. Lamont can make the cogent arguments he's made in town halls and meetups across the state, and finally a Dem will put it to Bush the way it needs to be put. Anonymous demonstrates his ignorance of American politics, and his ignorance of Holy Joe's recent record. Lieberman hasn't done anything for the state in at least 6 years, and has repeatedly backed Bushco on issue after issue that are wrong in the extreme, besides this idiotic and wasteful "war". Lieberman has been the antiDemocrat since he rushed to condemn Clinton well befrore any repuke did, so he's a useless POS in my book, and Lamont will crush him.
Anonymous says electing Lamont will only get us the least Senior member of the US Senate.
At one point Lieberman was the least senior member of the US Senate. 12 years later he was running on Gore's ticket--and shortly after that he was providing cover for the worst version of the Republican party we've seen in decades.
My vote for Lamont will be one that is cast for the future: the future of the Democratic Party, the future of the state of Connecticut, and the future of the United States. His election to the Senate will be a ripple that will spread for years.
Given your candidate's platform, accusing someone of cutting -and-running is rather amusing. That is the major feature of ned lamont's campaign
I have a question, is it possible to know the party affiliations of the signatories to Joe's petition? It might be interesting to know how many of them will be republicans.
Calling your opponent a coward when half of your platform is to retreat from Iraq is pretty damn ironic. Go Lieberman!
What's wrong, Lamont, afraid that you'll beat Good Ol' Joe in the primary, but lose to him in the general election when the turn out is higher?
Shoot, I can't even call Joe a DINO anymore...somehow 'Petitioning DINO' doesn't cut it.
Boy I can't wait for the debate now. How deep a hole can Joe dig?
Bill Clinton was a friend of Lieberman's and supported him in his campaigns. But when Bill Clinton was down, Joe kicked him in the balls. I'll bet Hillary has an acute memory for such things?
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