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Friday, July 14, 2006


Quote of the Day

"[Gov. Rell] shouldn't have commented on it at all. I don't comment on her messes. By the way, I could."

- Republican senate candidate Alan Schlesinger to TPMmuckraker's Justin Rood, on Gov. Rell's calls for him to consider withdrawing from the race.

Again, it's not clear what the Republicans are up to here, whether they want to substitute a stronger candidate or want to endorse Lieberman. Either way, unless they have more to dump on Schlesinger, it's not looking like it's going to work.
Republican Alan Schlesinger insisted Thursday he will stay in the U.S. Senate race over the wishes of party leaders who, he said, tried to persuade him to drop out several months ago.

let us not forget that chuck schumer and many others (eddie perez, etc.) similarly tried to get ned to drop out -

on that basis, I am now feeling a strange empathetic kinship with schlesinger -

not that I would ever vote for him, but I might send a few dollars his way -

so let us take inventory here; this november, we will likely have a dem senate candidate and a repub senate candidate both of whom's respective party leaderships did not want, plus we will have a third senate candidate whom one party leadership did want and did formally endorse, but who will be running as an independent -
Wow - Schlesinger seems a lot more reasonable than Lieberman. But then again I guess that's not saying much.
Hartford, I think it's likely that the Republican Party leadership want Lieberman too, although they're not going to endorse him. So that makes things even stranger.
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