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Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Schlesinger Being Forced Out By GOP?

Kevin Rennie has the scoop once again:

Republican state chairman George Gallo has conferred with Schlesinger and is concerned about the implications of the brewing gambling scandal. Schlesinger confirmed to Gallo that he gambled under the name Alan Gold because he wanted to accrue points on his “Wampum card” at the Foxwoods casino operated by the Mahantucket Pequots.

According to Gallo, who sounds like he is ready to force Schlesinger from the ticket and find a replacement, “Our mistake is that we only vetted candidates using their real names, not aliases.”

Who the replacement will be is anyone's guess, but it will obviously have to be a stronger candidate than Schlesinger, otherwise it would make no sense for the Republicans to make this move.

Either that or they'll just clear the field, allowing Republicans to vote for Sen. Lieberman (Lieberman-CT) in November.

Remember, Shays suggested that the Republican party cross-endorse Lieberman back in February.

Update: Regardless of the Republicans' plans, it doesn't sound like Schlesinger will go easily, if at all, according to Mark Pazniokas:

"I am not going to let this bother me," said Schlesinger, who described himself as a recreational blackjack player. "I am going to continue in the race."...

Under no circumstances will he withdraw, Schlesinger said. "I have done nothing wrong," he said.

And as Gabe notes, there is no way for Rell and Gallo to force Schlesinger off the ballot. He would need to withdraw voluntarily.
Two points: the CT Republican Party seems to be trying to get Schlesinger to drop out because he didn't pay his parking tickets... or because he had too many overdue library books. The magnitude of the scandal (unless there's way more to this, a la Bill Bennett) hardly seems sufficient to warrant the full-on back-stabbing Schlesinger's enduring now. I can't be the only person who perceives this "big scandal" as essentially ginned up nuthin' (and I don't even like gambling/gamblers).

Assuming, then, that the real agenda of these CT Republicans is to see Joe elected, they don't even have to force Schlesinger to drop out (especially since, as many have noted, they don't seem to have a strong candidate to replace him). All they have to do is muddy up Schlesinger's name enough, sufficient to drive right or center-leaning voters to Joe's line, as the lesser of two evils.

Pretty bizarre days, huh? Here on one hand we have a party (the Dems) waffling on whether they'll even support their OWN candidate if he wins the primary, while on the other, we have a party (the Repubs) hosing its own candidate in favor of the nominally "opposite" candidate. It's enough to make your head spin, even without the heat and humidity in the 90's in the summer in CT!

Jane in Guilford
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