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Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Lieberman Accuses Questioner of Being a "Plant"

Maura has the details about Sen. Lieberman's personal reaction to her polite attempt at conversation, from an article in the NY Observer:

Joe Lieberman was incensed.

He'd just been confronted at a campaign event for Irish supporters in his hometown of Stamford, Conn., by a woman who lectured him about his lack of commitment to the Democratic Party.

"She was a plant," said Mr. Lieberman, complaining to two campaign staffers in the parking lot behind the Irish Tigin Pub. "It was a set-up."

There you go. Constituents, you're on notice: if you tell Sen. Lieberman you'll support him if he wins the primary, but dare to ask him a question about his refusal to support the party if he loses, you will be falsely accused by the Senator of being a "plant."

More angry and baseless accusations from an insulated and out-of-touch candidate who is scared to death of having to answer for his actions on the campaign trail.

More like Bush every day.
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