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Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Wednesday Morning Round-Up

Not sure if this has been pointed out but....

Notice how Joe wants to start a party called Conneticut for Joe? Why not the other way round? Why not something more in line with his supposed integrity and commitment to servitude? Why not "Joe For Conneticut". Isn't it "Ask not what your country can do for you yada yada yada?"

No, It's "All About Joe" 24/7. You can have that for a bumper sticker or whatever.

Conneticut must bow to Joe. It is painfully obvious...
Here is a funny piece about the Liberman morphing into Bush ad.
I have some pointed observations to make about the Lieberman/Lamont campaign and our Democratic party in general. Bottom line: If they want any hope of retaining the majority in the house that they'll almost surely win this Nov., they have to develop a sense of timing and opportunism that's distinguished the GOP.

While you're there, check out my Open Letter to Ned Lamont.
Jurrasicpork - Great letter, thanks for this...
Not a problem. I'm afraid much of it is redundant, that Ned knows well enough to take the high road and to continue what he's doing but I think I make some good points, nonetheless.
You need to learn to spell Connecticut if you want to be involved in politics there, I think.
I interviewed Sibel Edmonds this week - President of the National Security WhistleBlowers Coalition. They have a new campaign out about the worst dozen members of congress.
She railed against Lieberman - here is the link to the Lieberman part of the interview.

Here's what she said about Ned:
You know Lieberman is having some trouble in Connecticut - and I salute his constituents and the democrats who understand that this man is NOTHING like the man they thought they were voting for - as far as his action and his inaction - both. I would love to go up there and somehow work with Lamont's campaign if he agrees to be pro-whistleblowers.

I’ve heard wonderful things about Lamont - and I’ve read his interview transcript on Democracy Now with Amy Goodman. I think he handled himself very well. I was thinking of writing a formal letter and introducing myself. I don’t know what's the best way to get it into the right hands - so that some intern doesn’t get it and throw it away - and I'll say look 'I’m willing to go up there and speak - I will do that - I’ll speak about my case - I'll speak about the importance of these issues as it relates to Joe Lieberman and his position on these types of issues - secrecy, and retaliation, and privileges and having no oversight.' I would love to do that!

That the Repubs may not run their original prowar candidate, and that they may now run an anti-war candidate--even if a stronger candidate--will not be helpful to Lamont.

The original prowar Repub would have split the disgusting prowar voters with chickenhawk Lieberman. Having another antiwar candidate on the ballot would split the antiwar votes.

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