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Friday, July 21, 2006


Rell Scheming to Provide "Safe Harbor" For Lieberman?

The dumping on Schlesinger continues. Is Rell's plan to leave the GOP slot empty so as to help Joe in November? Kevin Rennie reports as much:

Any Republican hopeful will have to overcome a Lieberman boomlet. Advisors close to Republican governor Jodi Rell, who tried to get Schlesinger off the ticket last week, are scheming to give Lieberman a safe harbor on the GOP line in exchange for adding his drawing power to what they hope will be Rell’s. The potent combination would help three Republican congressmen, constitutional office candidates and some legislative hopefuls. State Central Committee would likely resist. Monday’s visit to Waterbury by former President Bill Clinton to rescue Lieberman’s primary campaign will be a bitter reminder at the wrong time that Lieberman is very much a Democrat. Lieberman pal John McCain, wildly popular among Connecticut GOP, might be able to smooth the path to a fusion ticket.

While Lieberman has ruled out accepting the GOP line (he has, right?), nothing can stop Rell and Lieberman from agreeing to an empty GOP line and an informal endorsement. A "fusion ticket" would severely hurt all Democrats in the state in November. Perhaps Bill Clinton will help convince Joe of this when he comes to the state on Monday.
State Senator Bill Nickerson, of Greenwich, brings brains, money, and a formidable network of friends. He’s fast on his feet, can argue any brief and comes with a persuasive slogan: “I’ll beat Ned Lamont again.” He trounced the fellow Greenwich prince in a 1990 legislative three way race. For Nickerson it would merely be history repeating.
State Senator Bill Nickerson forgets that Greenwich is not indicative of the rest of the state. All Lamont will have to do is paint Nickerson as another Bush lapdog wannabe.

I too think that Rell is trying to help her embattled Republican congresspeople with clearing the GOP US Senate slot to help Lieberman. That's why I hope that Ned can win the Dem Primary by 8 or more points. If he wins convincingly, lots of pressure from the Dem Establishment can be put upon Lieberman to drop out of the race. Polls already show Lamont winning a two-way race.
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