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Friday, August 18, 2006


Blumenthal: Why Bush Needs Lieberman

Sidney Blumenthal concisely nails it. It's short, I'm just going to quote the whole thing (my emphasis in bold):

For the Democratic Party the Lieberman problem is a serious one. After his primary loss he has become the de facto Republican candidate, virtually endorsed by Bush, Cheney and RNC chairman Ken Mehlman, who have withdrawn support from the actual Republican candidate in the race. Lieberman can only win by securing almost all the Republican votes. His campaign must pull Republican votes to the polls, courtesy of the national GOP on which his ambition has become dependent. That can have a drastically negative effect on the Democratic campaigns in the three Connecticut congressional districts where Republican representatives are at risk. Those three seats comprise 1/5 of the total number of 15 that Democrats need to gain the House. Out of necessity Lieberman has become an active obstacle to Democratic victory and one of the key bulwarks for protecting Bush's one-party rule essential for remaining unaccountable for the rest of his presidency. For Bush, that is the importance of Lieberman.

Late Update: An expanded article by Blumenthal is now up at the Guardian's blog.
Who is Ned Lamont to tell me that I should pay more taxes so the poor can have health insurance and welfare? I work hard, and I have health insurance. I certainly don't need any handouts. If Lamont wants more government handouts, he should donate his hundreds of millions to the government.
Or maybe he could donate it to the UN. Ha ha ha! ha ha !
Lamont needs to keep doing what he did during the primary -- link Lieberman to George Bush's FAILED policies in Iraq and at home. Need to also show that Lieberman failed to do his job to bring Enron to justice.

Lieberman is a corporate tool, a whore for corporate lobbyists.
Welcome back corporate lobbyist. Every village needs an idiot, or in the case of this village another idiot.
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energyanalyst, I take it you are a big UN fan?
and why did you just call yourself an idiot, by the way?
Lamont is both a radical liberal islamo-facist sympathizer, and a crypto-Republican. He is a far-left moonbat, and a secret stalking-horse for the old right-wing grizzly Lowell Weicker. He is both the land and the sea; the sky above us, and the rich earth below our feet. He is ulysses; he is oudeis.
He's a budweisser, without the wise
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