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Friday, August 18, 2006


Lieberman (R) Hires Rell's Pollster

The same day Rell says she's not campaigning for Schlesinger. Coincidence?

GOP pollster Neil Newhouse has also been employed by Jeb Bush, Mitt Romney, and Rick Santorum, among others:

Neil has helped elect fifteen current members of Congress, four U.S. Senators and five Governors. His most notable clients include Gov. Jeb Bush (FL), Gov. M. Jodi Rell (CT), Gov. Mitt Romney (MA), Senator Rick Santorum (PA), Senator Pat Roberts (KS), Rep. Henry Hyde (IL) and Rep. Shelley Moore Capito (WV).

DeStefano and the congressional candidates must be loving this. A Joe Lieberman (R) campaign, win or lose, will kill all chances for other Democrats in the state.

And as evidenced by his client list, Newhouse has a history of working to keep Congress in Republican hands. Here's the full list of Senate and House candidates that POS has worked for, including Rob Simmons (R-CT). Not a single Democrat to be found:

United States Senators

Senator Jim Bunning KY
Senator Richard Burr NC
Senator Lincoln Chaffee
Senator Saxby Chambliss GA
Senator Norm Coleman MN
Senator Mike Crapo ID
Senator Jim DeMint SC
Senator Pete Domenici NM
Senator John Ensign NV
Senator Bill Frist TN
Senator Chuck Hagel NE
Senator John McCain AZ
Senator Pat Roberts KS
Senator Rick Santorum PA
Senator Olympia Snowe ME
Senator Arlen Specter PA
Senator John Thune SD
Senator David Vitter LA

United States House of Representatives

Congressman Joe Barton - (Texas) TX
Congressman Jo Bonner - (Alabama) AL
Congressman Charles Boustany - (Louisiana) LA
Congresswoman Shelley Moore Capito - (West Virginia) WV
Congressman Steve Chabot - (Ohio) OH
Congresswoman JoAnn Davis - (Virginia) VA
Congressman Nathan Deal - (Georgia) GA
Congressman David Dreier - (CA) CA
Congressman Jimmy Duncan - (Tennessee) TN
Congressman Phil English - (Pennsylvania) PA
Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick - (Pennsylvania) PA
Congressman Randy Forbes - (Virginia) VA
Congressman Jeff Fortenberry - (Nebraska)
Congressman Vito Fossella - (NY) NY
Congressman Trent Franks - (Arizona) AZ
Congressman Scott Garrett - (New Jersey) NJ
Congressman Jim Gerlach - (Pennsylvania) PA
Congressman Paul Gillmor - (Ohio) OH
Congressman Virgil Goode - (VA) VA
Congressman Bob Goodlatte - (Virginia) VA
Congressman Mark Green - (Wisconsin) WI
Congresswoman Melissa Hart - (Pennsylvania) PA
Congressman Robin Hayes - (North Carolina) NC
Congressman J.D. Hayworth - (Arizona) AZ
Congressman Henry Hyde - (Illinois) IL
Congressman Bill Jenkins - (Tennessee) TN
Congressman Jack Kingston - (Georgia) GA
Congressman John Kline - (MN) MN
Congressman Thaddeus McCotter - (Michigan) MI
Congressman Jim McCrery - (Louisiana) LA
Congressman Jeff Miller - (Florida) FL
Congresswoman Candice Miller - (Michigan) MI
Congressman Tim Murphy - (Pennsylvania) PA
Congressman Randy Neugebauer - (TX) TX
Congressman Bob Ney - (Ohio) OH
Congressman Jon Porter - (Nevada) NV
Congressman Tom Price - (Georgia) GA
Congressman George Radanovich - (California) CA
Congressman Dave Reichert - (Washington)
Congressman Rick Renzi - (Arizona) AZ
Congressman Mike Rogers - (Michigan) MI
Congressman John Shadegg - (Arizona) AZ
Congressman John Shimkus - (Illinois) IL
Congressman Rob Simmons - (Connecticut) CT
Congressman Charles Taylor - (North Carolina) NC
Congressman Lee Terry - (Nebraska) NE
Congressman Pat Tiberi - (Ohio) OH
Congressman Mike Turner - (Ohio) OH
Congressman Jim Walsh - (New York) NY
Congressman Dave Weldon - (FL) FL
Congressman Curt Weldon - (PA)
Congressman Jerry Weller - (Illinois) IL
Congressman Lynn Westmoreland - (Georgia)
Congressman Roger Wicker - (Mississippi) MI
Congresswoman Heather Wilson - (New Mexico) NM
Congressman Frank Wolf - (Virginia) VA

What a hit parade. Oh, Joe, how low can you go?
Nice job reporting. Missed that Advocate piece.
Lieberman has officially gone to the Dark Side.

So this means that CT is on the front lines againts the corrupt GOP. With Lieberman being a borg for the GOP, we need to attack him like we do the rubber-stamp Congressional Republicans.

Bill Hillsman, time for your best creative ideas to thwart both Lieberman and the corrupt GOP.
lets see, you dont want any democrats to work for him, but he's a bad guy when he hires a republican. That makes perfect sense. I guess I just had to work through that. thanks for the help.
I hope destephano is loving it. Although a quick ride through new haven is all the advertisement needed to vote against him and democrats.
Ha ha!, those damn New Haven pinko hippies, voting for Red Ned. He's got the pot-smoking free-love vote all locked up. Fortunately, that is only about 40 percent of the Connecticut vote, and the rest of the state still has its head on clearly, and will vote for Joe.
Did tparty just call someone a piece of shit? Wow. That blows my mind.
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