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Friday, August 18, 2006


Lieberman on Waterbury

Can we just stipulate from now on that most of the words emanating from the mouths of Joe Lieberman or Dan Gerstein are either knowing lies, psychological projection, or pure hypocritical garbage?

But if the city occupies the center of Mr. Rowland's universe, it has also long been regarded as a sort of quasar of corruption, spewing it forth into the political galaxy of this small state. This reputation is so solidified that Senator Joseph I. Lieberman once felt comfortable joking that upon his death, he hoped to be buried in Waterbury so he could remain politically active.

(from "In Connecticut, a City Familiar With Scandal," Mike McIntire, New York Times, February 3, 2004, p. B1)
Gee and I thought he completely ignored Waterbury the past 18 years. ... But you know, instead making one-liners about their corrupt politicians, it would have been nice if he made even a token attempt to help get that city on its feet again.

Where was he when the city was going bankrupt? How many jobs has he helped bring to the city? What's he done for the schools there? What's he done about the ridiculously high property taxes?

If I lived in Waterbury, I'd be just a little bit ticked off. He ignores the city's problems, then insults it.
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