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Friday, August 04, 2006


Hail Mary?

Eric Schmeltzer suggests the recent seemingly coordinated leaking of depressing info from inside the Lieberman campaign may be a last-gasp attempt at disinformation in an attempt to demotivate Lamont supporters. Could be. But it could backfire too:

In campaigns, this type of tactic happens on a much lower scale all the time; it's called lowering expectations. Whether it is predicting lower fundraising than you really have just before quarterly reports are filed, or pretending your opponent is an Oxford-level debater and yours is Howdy Doody, whispering to reporters that you're not as good as they say is a fun game.

But predicting your own political death is the "nuclear option" of campaigns. It could work, and get Lamont's network to take a little rest and pat themselves on the back prematurely, or it could backfire and completely destroy the morale of the Lieberman network of voters who lay down their arms and surrender before Tuesday.

Schmeltzer is right about where this is coming from and why it's called the nuclear option. The aim is not to dissuade the keen Lamont supporters who've been looking at August 8th for months, and in some cases, years. Those people are unstoppable and they know it. What is really of concern are those who haven't been following the race closely but want to join in on the enthusiasm Lamont has generated and be on the winning side. A "foregone conclusion" is not nearly so inviting.
I was just at Lamont's New Haven office. No one THERE is "taking a little rest," that's for sure.
It's also one of Sun Tzu's "Art of War's" basic principles: if you're planning an operation or attack you pretend that everything is in disarray or that you're about to concede defeat. It's also what our military would call psy-ops, the spread of misinformation to the enemy camp. Just a regular day in the playground, folks. Ah, yeah! Fun, fun, fun!!!
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