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Thursday, August 03, 2006


SEIU 1199 to Back Lamont

Between the Q-Poll and now this endorsement, a merely bad news day just turned into a horrible one for Lieberman.

Meanwhile, The Politicker gets the perfunctory Steinfels quote of the day:

Joe Lieberman's campaign staff is staying resolutely upbeat about today's Q-poll that has Ned Lamont leading by 54-41 -- to say nothing of the decision of SEIU Local 1199 to support Lamont.

Lieberman spokesperson Marion Steinfels actually went so far as to suggest that there's a bright side to all of it. "Many of our supporters weren't really aware of how serious the challenge was, and this makes them aware of how serious it is."

Steinfels this morning in an email to supporters:

We’ve known from the beginning that this was going to be a close race and we have been treating it as such.

Well then, it's settled. The Lieberman campaign has by their own admission completely failed to convince their supporters of what they claim to have known since the beginning of the race.
In what way is a 13 point lead a "close race", Marion?

But here's the thing - Lieberman has over 4,000 paid-for Lieberzombies on the ground and God only knows what they're doing.

I don't know about you, but that's really scary. I live in the Southwest, and can't come to CT. But I just donated another crisp Franklin to the campaign online.

GIVE TIL IT HURTS - And then give some more.
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