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Friday, August 04, 2006


Corporate Lobbyist Led "Pro-Joe Posse" in Meriden

Aldon at MyDD did some digging, and discovered that the lead Lieberman supporter at the Meriden event yesterday was what else but a corporate D.C. lobbyist:

The Meriden, CT paper has this article about the confrontation in Meriden CT yesterday. They say,

" "It was supposed to be a laid-back event and (they) ruined it." "We're just using our right. We're just exercising our rights to enjoy a burger," said Lieberman supporter Alex Hoffman of Boston. Supporters of each candidate debated outside on the sidewalk while many Lieberman supporters continued to badger Lamont, who acknowledged most questions. Richard Goodstein, one of the most vocal Lieberman supporters, repeatedly shouted, "Are you a Bill Clinton Democrat or an Al Sharpton Democrat?" Lamont calmly said he supported both.

So, let's see what we can find out about Richard Goodstein. I assume this picture on Flickr is of Richard Goodstein. With a little searching, I find this article about Richard. The picture sure looks the same.

Yes, it certainly does:

Goodstein's bio:

Mr. Goodstein is now Washington Representative for Air Products and Chemicals, Inc., and for Air Products Healthcare, one of the most prominent companies in the home medical equipment field. Mr. Goodstein has been an active advocate on behalf of Air Products Healthcare in Congress and with the administrators of the Medicare program. Mr. Goodstein also appears regularly on the Fox News Channel, MSNBC, and other TV networks to offer political and legal analysis.

Never underestimate the power of the blog!!!! Great catch!
Those companies need to get rid of him unless they want to be on the record of supporting only "Clinton Democrats" but not "Al Sharptaon Democrats". What abot Jesse Jackson Democrats or Wesley Clark Democrats or other Democrats in general!
Richard Goodstein -- apparently the same DC lobbyist and Sen. Lieberman supporter who disrupted a Ned Lamont visit to the Meriden hamburger restaurant Ted's last week -- is reported by the Washington Post today as a guest expert on U.S.mid-term elections on the Washington, DC news show "Capital Sunday" on Aug. 6. Lamont supporters might want to contact the ABC-TV affiliate to ask whether Goodstein will be treated as a neutral expert. The show is hosted by Kathleen Matthews (wife of Chris Matthews) and Leon Harris. The phone number is (703) 236-9955, with a fax of (703) 236-2331.

Also, it might be interesting to urge both the formal media and the blog community to inquire about current clients. A Google search indicates that one named Air Products just received a UConn contract this month. See: http://www.airproducts.com/PressRoom/CompanyNews/Archived/2006/03Aug06.htm. There may be nothing wrong with that, of course....
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