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Thursday, August 03, 2006


Chaos In Lieberman Camp?

Either former GOP State Sen. Kevin Rennie is part of some grand plan to lull Lamont supporters into complacency, or his reporting is correct and Lieberman's campaign is in complete disarray.

Word is leaking out of the campaign that efforts to hire and organize several thousand itinerant campaign workers have fallen far short of expectations and necessity. Lieberman and his battered brain trust will now have to decide whether to continue investing funds in that effort or save money for November. These primary troubles are a preview of what he can expect in his new life as an independent should he lose on Tuesday. Much of his weak campaign organization will dutifully head to the triumphant Democratic nominee or simply sit out the race.

Party professionals are appalled at the parlous state of Lieberman’s campaign organization. And that’s something it takes more than a few weeks to build. The invoice for neglecting Connecticut Democrats for the past six years is now due. It’s a ruinous sum for George Bush’s favorite Senate Democrat.

Either way, it doesn't matter. This election will be decided on turnout and turnout alone, and Ned needs every last vote he can get. GOTV.
If I were a lifelong Democrat, and somehow still a Lieberman supporter, I know what I wouldn't do! That would be to spend the next five days strongly associating myself with Lieberman as part of a GOTV effort.

Honestly, it looks like he is going to both lose, and jump ship. Why on earth would any Dem put himself out for Joe, at this point in time?
There is no time for self-congratulation.

There is no time to heap scorn on Lieberman or the campaign.

Go to the Lamont site NOW, and give whatever you can.

Connecticut people: BATTLESTATIONS.
Do you a picture of you and your family in black face?

You lose. Good day sir.
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