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Tuesday, August 15, 2006


Jimmy Carter on Lamont's Victory

Former Preisdent Carter in an interview in this week's Der Spiegel (via reader Sven):

SPIEGEL: Was the whole country in danger of losing its core values?

Carter: For a while, yes. As you possibly know, historically, our country has had the capability of self-correcting our own mistakes. This applied to slavery in 1865, it applied to legal racial segregation a hundred years later or so. It applied to the Joe McCarthy era when anti-communism was in a fearsome phase in the country like terrorism now. So we have an ability to correct ourselves and I believe that nowadays there is a self-correction taking place. In my opinion the election results in Connecticut (Eds: The primary loss of war supporter Senator Joseph Lieberman) were an indication that Americans realized very clearly that we made a mistake in going into Iraq and staying there too long.

So here we have the last two Democratic Presidents both saying Ned Lamont's victory last Tuesday was due in large part to Sen. Lieberman's out-of-the-mainstream views on the Iraq war. Meanwhile, the current Republican President all but endorses Sen. Lieberman because of his out-of-the-mainstream views on Iraq.

Expect the next attack line from Dan Gerstein to be about Ned being beholden to the "Carter/Clinton wing" of the Democratic party.
And here's what George McGovern said:

Hmm George McGovern, Jimmy Carter? What does Walter Mondale and Dukakis have to say? Inquiring minds want to know.
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