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Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Lieberman Plans Aug. 9th Shakeup

So much for his campaign focusing solely on the primary, according to Kevin Rennie:

Sen. Joseph Lieberman (D-CT) will shake up his campaign staff if he loses Tuesday’s Democratic primary to challenger Ned Lamont. Lieberman supporters have watched with growing dismay since the spring as the three term senator’s campaign has gone from oblivious to defensive. They expect to reap a bitter harvest in 6 days.

Expect Lieberman to can anyone who was associated with 2004 Kerry campaign and replace them with a team of pungent veterans who will take the fight to Lamont. As Lieberman tours the broiling state, you can almost hear the gloves coming off in preparation for a fight to the finish in November.

It'll be sad to see Sean Smith go.

Update: A commenter raises an excellent point. What does knowing that you or your bosses are going to be fired do to morale in the Lieberman campaign?

Also, Wonkette's take on the possible replacements for the for-one-week-longer employees of Lieberman who are hiring College Republicans to do GOTV work this weekend:

Are the people who quit Katherine Harris’ campaign going to work for Lieberman? Where else would one find such a monumentally dense staff?

Pungent veterans?

I do believe Bob Schrum gives off a whiff of Roquefort.
the good news is that joe will not can himself though, and he is by far the worst drag on his campaign, and I don't mean because of his policies -

joe has micromanaged every aspect of his current campaign, and his fuddy-duddy loser touch shows itself everywhere -
With stuff like this coming out, doesn't make the Get. Out. The. Vote. effort much harder?

The beatings will continue until morale improves.
what does this do for morale, you ask? well, my guess is it puts the staff into overdrive so they can win and keep their jobs. it sounds like this is only contingent on a loss. i bet this was leaked just for that reason.
Anon. 6:02 - Interesting take, and you might be right. Strikes me as an odd motivational strategy, though, especially when it seems the problem is not that the staff is necessasrily slacking on the job, but that they're executing a really dumb campaign strategy.
Being fired if your candidate loses is really standard campaign fare. Think about it: if Ned Lamont (or anyone else who doens't do a sleazeball independent bid) loses, his entire campaign staff gets laid off.

Let's not kid ourselves that this will hurt morale.

I'm a Lamont donor and volunteer, by the way.
What happened to the firedoglake.com link in the roll of national blogs?
It's on the main Lamont blog page, at http://nedlamont.com/blog.

Anon 7:02 - it's back up now.
I posted this over at MLN, and I'll post it here as well:


Let me preface this: I'm posting this at the request of a fellow Penn student of mine who works for the Lieberman campaign.

Earlier today, it was posted at Daily Kos and LamontBlog that someone with the Princeton College Republicans had suggested that they organize to go to Connecticut and help out Joe Lieberman with the primary. This seems to have made a lot of waves, with some people even suggesting that people be there to greet them.

Please do not do this. While these kids coming in are out of state, none of them are part of the College Republicans - my contact personally vetted everyone to ensure that they were not part of CR or another GOP-affiliated group. Furthermore, the campaign never offered to bus in the College Republicans; this was their own idea to 'infiltrate' Lieberman's campaign, if you will. These are unpaid volunteers in the 16-21 age range whose only accommodations are sleeping quarters in a college dormitory. So I would ask that we drop this issue and don't try and make any more hay out of it.

You may debate the authenticity of what my friend said, but I trust them enough to tell me the truth on this matter, even if they are working for the other side.

Thank you.


Let's not make a big deal out of this when it's nothing to begin with. Thanks.
Nice idea, Psi, but tell your friend that the CR issue is certainly more of a "something" that the Round Hill race-baiting tactic. Are they going to disavow it, or drop it to be decent?

Unilateral disarmament isn't going to work here. Especially if ratfuckers like the college republicans are in town.
They aren't in town. What the hell is so difficult to understand about that?!

Your friend is working for a campaign with known credibility issues. He or she is part of an operation telling the voters of CT such truthy statements as 'Joe Lieberman was one of the critics of President Bush's social security plan', when a simple nexis search would reveal that he was one of the last dems to oppose the plan, after years of flirting with privatization.

Besides, the 'anonymous staffer refuting a damaging story through a blogger friend' comes off as a pretty weak response. Let's see the official campaign spokesperson's response. For all we know, you're friend might just be really good at lying to you.
I thought Mr. Sean Smith was already gone.(?) Seriously. The last few appearances he looked frazzled and even went so far as to say he had no information on vital aspects of the campaign. Regardless, he needs a serious break. He's gone quietly missing, in a Rumsfeld kind of way.
If Joe goes down on the 8th, I would bet the Democratic Bigs, including Bill, even his friend Lanny Davis, will come down on him to get out entirely. The pressure depicting him as a selfish asshole will be intense.
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