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Wednesday, August 16, 2006


Today's Press Conference

"If Vice President Cheney wants to come and campaign on behalf of Senator Lieberman, I'd welcome him to the state."

Video from the official blog:

Speaking of Cheney, Team Lieberman might want to think about this:

Politicizing Terror is no longer working.

You’d think that Lieberman’s idol and spiritual leader – Supreme Leader Bush – would have at least gotten a bit of a Terror Bounce these past few weeks.

Not so. Bush approval is down, to 34% in the latest Zogby poll.


Looks like Lieberman needs a new strategy.
Maybe Bush Will Get a JonBennet Bounce

Since that London Terra™ scare didn't work out last week, maybe this will give Supreme Leader Bush that elusive boost in the polls that he and Lieberman are so desperately seeking.

Why not? Bush's non-involvement with the apprehension of the JBR killer is a lot like his non-involvement with the London Terra™ plot.

It's so crazy, it might just work...
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