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Thursday, August 24, 2006


Ned on Katrina

(Bumped.) Tonight, Ned will be speaking at a book launch event in NYC for "It Takes A Nation," a soon-to-be-released collection of first-person accounts of some of those affected by Hurricane Katrina, with proceeds from the event and book sales going to rebuilding efforts in New Orleans. Ned is also coming out swinging against Sen. Lieberman about the infamous 42-minute rubber-stamp hearing he gave to ex-FEMA Director Michael Brown as Chairman of the Homeland Security Committee in 2002, as well as the senator's role in folding FEMA under DHS:

"I think FEMA worked really well when it had professional management as an independent agency," Lamont said in an interview this week. "And sure, it was Senator Lieberman who said, 'Let's redo FEMA.' It was Senator Lieberman who said, 'Let's put Michael Brown as No. 2 at FEMA."'

From a campaign press release, here are some of the solutions Ned will be proposing tonight, in order to prevent similarly disastrous government responses to other catastrophic natural (or other) events in the future:

- FEMA should be returned to an independent, cabinet level agency, as it was under the Clinton Administration where it performed effectively and admirably;

- We need to have our National Guard Forces and other resources returned to protecting America, this will not only protect us from natural disasters, but terrorist attacks as well;

- A thorough investigation needs to be conducted, including subpoenaing the White House if necessary, to obtain documents and information that were withheld to ensure the necessary steps are taken to prevent future failures;

- Congress needs to fully scrutinize all administration nominees to ensure their qualifications, not simply rubber stamp Bush's choices.

I think it's great that Lamont is bringing this up. Lieberman's direct role in the disastrous NOLA aftermath can't be discussed enough.

Joe's Rubber-Stamping of "Heckuva Job Brownie" probably resulted in more loss of American lives than did the 9/11 attacks.
Lamont will be on Face the State on Sunday at 11 am.
" HECKUVA JOB BROWNIE !!!" Joe Lieberman 2005
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