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Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Rasmussen Shows Dead Heat

According to multiple reports online from those with access to the premium Rasmussen numbers, their latest CT-SEN poll, in the field until last night, shows Ned Lamont (D) continuing to gain ground in what is now essentially a two-way race.

Lieberman (R) and Lamont (D) are reportedly now in a statistical dead heat, while Schlesinger (R) continues to be in the single digits.

Update: Atrios reports the numbers as: Lieberman (R) 45, Lamont (D) 43, Schlesinger (R) 6.
American Research Group is showing a trend.
if he is continuing to gain grown, why is Red Ned alway in the low 40s?
No wonder they're scared. These numbers are probably better than Lieberman's internals.

Lieberman has the potential to sink the entire Republican ticket. Heck of a good job Dan.
which is it, is he gonna sink the entire republican ticket, or keep the dems from getting the congressional seats they want?????????????
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