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Monday, August 21, 2006


DSCC: Joe's No Democrat

Dan Gerstein said today that "hyperactive staffers" in Harry Reid's office were being less than genuine when they claimed no deal was made for Joe (Joe) to keep his committee assignments if he was to pull out a win in November:

"This is a lot of hyperactive staffers who are trying to cater to the bloggers," he said, referring to the Internet writers who generally have supported Lamont over Lieberman.

Well, Lieberman (R) may or may not keep his seniority in the end, but as for Gerstein's claims that Lieberman is a loyal Democrat, it seems the DSCC, for one, now strongly disagrees:

I swear I checked that yesterday and it still said "Democrat*", with the asterisk noting that he was running as an independent. Good for them. Now they need to kick him out of the caucus and remove him from committees.
I think kicking him out of the committees might backfire. He's up by 12 points right now? What if he ends up winning?
What if the democrates win the senate by one seat and it's Lieberman's
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