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Sunday, August 20, 2006


How A Real Man Handles Losing

Lowell Weicker on November 10th, 1988:

''I congratulate Joe Lieberman on the very fine win, and I mean that from the bottom of my heart,'' Mr. Weicker said, surrounded at Greenwich Town Hall by 100 friends, staff members, his seven sons and his tearful wife, Claudia. ''I did not lose this race by a few thousand votes. In my mind and in my heart, I lost it by a hundred thousand.''...

''This wasn't a close race,'' Mr. Weicker said. ''It was a clear mandate by the people of Connecticut that matters I stood for are not to their liking and what Mr. Lieberman promises is to their liking. Let there be no taint at all on Mr. Lieberman's win. He has the support of this state.''

(from "The Elections: Connecticut; Weicker Concedes To Lieberman in Close Race" by Nick Ravo, New York Times, November 10th, 1988, B13)
However, ALL of his constituents had their say, not just his party
and he didn't have to concede to a Communist, but rather a true patriot
Corporatelobbyist,,,where is your proof that Lamont is one...if this is spin then its redbaiting evil..and in very very bad taste...you owe everyone an apology..
well, you see, that is just what I do. I copy other's ideas without the facts in order to muddy the water. Check out energyanalyst's profile and then my homepage and you'll see. I'm just a poser and a buffoon
hmmm....perhaps we have analyzed a bit too much energy for the night, I see.
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