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Monday, August 21, 2006


No Daylight

Bush on Iraq, today:

"We’re not leaving so long as I'm the president. That would be a huge mistake."

Lieberman on Iraq, yesterday:

SCHIEFFER: Are you now saying it's time to start drawing down the troops there, Senator?

Sen. LIEBERMAN: No, and that's absolutely the point I'm making.... it would be a disaster if America set a deadline and said we're getting all of our troops out by a given date.

Like Bush's position on Iraq? Vote for Lieberman.

Update: Joe stated a few months ago that, yes, he does support keeping U.S. troops in Iraq until 2009, which is when Bush's term as president expires:

We're talking about 2006, 7, 8... that's three years. And I believe that a lot of very good things can happen in three years in Iraq that ideally would allow us to remove every American soldier who's there today.

I am continually amazed that people still find it hard to accept that Lieberman has completely gone over to the dark side. With all the readily available evidence, how could any rational being remain in doubt?? We need to get bumper stickers that clearly state the issue:

A vote for Joe is a vote for George; vote for Ned instead!!!

Good point, but what to do if people just aren't buying it? Ned won the primary because he had the right audience -- receptive Democrats. But now Ned has to win Independents and Republicans to beat Lieberman. He needs to come off as less extreme, not more.
no, the more extreme the better. We need to paint our view of America
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