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Thursday, August 10, 2006


"They're Going To Abandon You, You Know That?"

(Hat tip CTBlogger and Scarce.)

Word is John Edwards will campaign for Ned Lamont (D-CT) on August 17th.
Holy shit. I hadn't seen Mark Davis all night - I remember asking Gabe and Beau if they'd seen him on any news reports at all during the night. It seemed so odd, not that he wasn't at the Lamont HQ, but that he wasn't visible all over the news.

Man did he sound shrill though. He sounded pissed and he is 100% right. Just 48 hours later and already his prediction is bearing truth. Good job Mark, you definitely got this one right.

--Matt Browner-Hamlin
I hope they can get Murtha to come help out Ned. Murtha has no love for Joe.
I sat through the entire 12 minute victory party/pity orgy to get to this, the most interesting part of an appalling non-acceptance speech.
Holy shit, everything bad I ever said, thought or felt about Mark Davis is now forgiven.

"They're going to abandon you," while he is on the podium giving his "concession" speech? Awesome.
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