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Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Twilight in Connecticut

Dan Gerstein claims the ad was filmed in reverse by mistake.

"Is the sunset in Joe's new ad a fitting metaphor for the end of his Senate career?" said a statement issued by Lamont's campaign. "Like the rest of the information coming out of his campaign it is full of distortions and lies."

Each campaign issued dueling fact sheets backing and attacking the claims made in the commercial. In an interview, Gerstein took issue with the idea that the sun is setting. "It's actually a sunrise," Gerstein said. "It's very much a sunrise."

Funny, when I think of a sunrise, usually it involves the sun.


Not setting.

Like it does in this ad.

Even Dan Gerstein shouldn't be allowed to "take issue" with astronomical truths.

Update: A diarist at dKos seems to have found the source video for the "Sunset" ad on Getty Images.

It's standard stock footage of a sunset (not a sunrise) on a beach in Santa Barbara, California.

View stills from the stock footage here.
If it were rising, it would be possible for the ad to contain B-roll from Connecticut. But as you said, this sure looks like a sun set.

I think we should be pushing the fact that this sunset was not shot in Connecticut...
And it's a stock California sunset, at that.
Except that weirdly, in Santa Barbara, as a result of the physical setting, the sun does truly appear to set in the east. Very unnerving - locals get used to it.
Danny G: "We TRAINED those sandpipers to run backwards....yeah, Joementum!"
Simple math. If the footage was shot in California and the Sun is over the ocean, it is a SUNSET. AT least it is until Gerstein can demonstrate that the Earth's rotation has been reversed.
My writeup is here, with stills from the ad (showing the sun's going down) and direct links to the Getty Images pages: Joe Lieberman Procures Sunset to Ride Off Into.
How do you know it's not a sunrise is Santa Barbara?
How do you know the sun does not arise in West in Santa Barbara?
As a filmmaker, this sunrise/sunset confusion also occurred in the famous John Wayne bomb The Green Berets: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Green_Berets_(film)
Anyone remember the movie the Green Berets? Joe must have hired the same cinematographer...
"...wastin' away again in Joemomentumville..."
I can see the slogan:

"It's crepuscule in America!"

dawn IS dusk

east IS west

war IS peace

Oh, and nice CT mountains (near the shore!?!?) to boot.
Joe is clearly a fixture of this administration,

war is peace
freedom is bondage
progress is poverty
news is propaganda
swagger trumps smart

Can't wait for this movie to be over.
The sun is rising. Obviously some paid shill for the Lamont campaign has hacked the ad and reversed the image. Federal Authorities have been alerted.
I like John Burt's take on this in comments at Pharyngula: "It's a perfect Lieberman symbol: setting sun, running in reverse, and three thousand miles from anything Connecticut cares about." :)

But one odd fact worth pointing out: Due to the coast around Santa Barbara running in a generally east-west direction, you can actually watch the sun rise over the ocean from UC Santa Barbara's Campus Point. I did this several times as an undergrad.
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