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Monday, August 28, 2006


SEIU Endorses Lamont

After standing on the sidelines during the primary campaign, the 50,000-strong Service Employees International Union today threw its support to the Democratic nominee for senate, Ned Lamont. From a press release:

On the steps of the State Capitol Building, dozens of members and officials of the Service Employees International Union pledged to work for Ned Lamont as they endorsed him for the US Senate.

"After hearing from both candidates our members voted overwhelmingly for change in Connecticut and Washington," said Paul Philson, State Director of SEIU. "Our 50,000 workers are going to get off the sidelines and work enthusiastically for Ned Lamont to bring change to Connecticut and Washington."

SEIU is one of the most politically active and effective unions in the State.

"If we want to change the way we do business we need to change the people who represent us," said Mike O'Brien of CSEA. "Joe running as a minor party candidate can only hurt the working people of Connecticut." "I want to thank the 50,000 members of SEIU who are joining me today to fight for change," said Lamont. "People are working harder every day for less money. We need to raise the minimum wage, get health care for everyone and stop sending our jobs overseas."

Also, as the official blog significantly notes, SEIU Local 32BJ became the first union to switch endorsements from Joe Lieberman to Ned Lamont post-primary.

Update (and bumped): John DeStefano (D) was also endorsed by SEIU today, and reiterated his strong support for Ned Lamont (D):

"I don't stand here by accident with Ned Lamont. I stand here fully supportive with the message he is taking both to the families of Connecticut and to the nation," DeStefano told the crowd. "This election is about change, it is about change and the things that our families want and I'm proud to be standing here today in supporting Ned Lamont, clearly, wholeheartedly, completely, as our next United States senator." ...

"Ned Lamont took a stand and spoke to what was in the hearts and in the lives of Connecticut's families," he said. "And voters responded to that and they sent a very clear message about what they want."

And Paul Filson, director of SEIU's CT state council, had this to say:

Filson said union members will be informed of the endorsement. He expects hundreds will work to get out the vote on Election Day, knocking on doors, making phone calls and handing out informational fliers for candidates at work sites.

"We do not make paper endorsements," he said.

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