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Monday, August 28, 2006


Who's The "Greenwich Republican" Now?

To continue in reminiscence mode...

Remember back in the day - way back in early July - when Joe Lieberman would run around telling anyone who would listen that Ned Lamont was a "closet Republican" who voted in league with Republicans in Greenwich and couldn't be trusted to be a real Democrat?

Remember when, in the debate, Joe said:

I have been a Democrat all my life. And I must say I laugh at Ned Lamont holding party loyalty up as a test of my candidacy. He fails that test. When he was on the Greenwich boards, he voted 80 percent of the time with Republicans against education, for cuts in healthcare, for lower health benefits for public employees.

Look at his campaign. He's got a former Republican senator, a former Republican state chairman working in his campaign. And the guy doing the ads he is paying for on TV helped to put George Bush in the White House in 2000, and tried to stop Barack Obama from being a senator a couple of years ago. So he fails his own test.


Well, the reality is that Ned Lamont has to make up his mind about who he is. He did vote, as his local newspaper said in Greenwich, like a conservative Republican when he was last in public office on the town board. This year, he has reappeared as a very liberal Democrat.


It's a choice between a senator who has agreed with Democrats 90 percent of the time, but had the courage of his convictions when he did not. And a challenger who agreed with Republicans 80 percent of the time in Greenwich, but now has emerged as a very liberal Democrat who can't even make up his mind about how we should exit Iraq, the issue that brought him into this race.

And now?

You guessed it. Greenwich Republicans want to endorse Joe Lieberman (R):

Local Republican committees are starting to follow the lead of their rank and file in Connecticut by abandoning the quixotic Senate candidacy of Republican Alan Schlesinger. On August 11th, the Killingworth Republican Town Committee voted to withdraw its endorsement of Schlesinger.

A dozen more may follow, including at least one town that raises more money than any other for Republican causes around the state, Greenwich. The question for most towns will be whether to include the “L-word” in their resolutions. Some want to endorse Lieberman, who’s drawn significant Republican support since his narrow 1988 upset of disagreeable Republican Lowell P. Weicker, Jr, now an unaffiliated voter.

Who said irony was dead?
So much for Lieberman's bipartisan "Unity" theme.
If Holy Joe is officially endorsed by Greenwich Republicans, Lamont has to call Joe on his labeling of Lamont as a Greenwich Republican.

Something along the lines of Joe accusing Lamont of past associations, while Joe himself is going for Present association with same group.

Joe, what has changed that when you accused me of being of being a Greenwich Repug, it was a bad thing, but today the same group is supporting you and that is a good thing? Have the Greenwich Repugs changed, or have you changed?
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