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Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Yanni For Senate

Wow. Really, this ad is worthy of a dissertation. But I'll begin with two minor questions:

1) Who was the genius strategist who though a "setting sun" might be a good visual metaphor for Lieberman's last days in the Senate? Morning in America? More like Twilight in Connecticut.

2) How many voters in Connecticut - of any party - are feeling "soothed" by the state of the nation right now? Even if this ad was done well (which it obviously wasn't), would the message resonate with... anyone?

Update: A couple more points:

3) Last time I checked, the sun set in the west. And Long Island Sound was to the southeast of Connecticut. Wherever this sunset was filmed, it wasn't in Connecticut.

4) How sensitive of Joe to release an ad asking voters to think of "good stuff" on the one-year anniversary of Katrina. I'm personally not thinking about any "good stuff" today. I'm feeling quite furious about what happened a year ago today, and a year ago tomorrow, and a year ago next week.
The most bizzare thing about it is the strange pause in the voiceover just before she says "good stuff":

"So just sit back and think about...good stuff"

Good stuff? WTF???

"Joe Lieberman has a solid record of doing...things. He's passed many, many...bills. About various...subjects. Which are helpful to...people."

What's with the late-nite phone sex commerical voiceover anyway? "Call 900-GIRLZ-LUV-JOE for more hot, sensual legislation..."

And it seems awfully bold to make the joe2006.com domain name the only text on the screen when the site is STILL down...
Maybe this is Lieberman's version of Katrina. A year later...

Stay the course, keep paddling.
Why isn't the sun setting over the land? Maybe this Hollywood wonder really was made in Hollywood - it sure doesn't look like Connecticut.
I am speechless. I was worried that he might have hired more capable handlers, but this ad is a self-parody. Doesn't get much more absurd than this! More bear and guided vizualization ads, please!
I think the ad is Joe's contribution to universal health care. Why pay for Ambien or any other sleep aid when you can be put out quickly by this free ad? "I see dead people" has been enhanced by "I hear dead people."
Kudos to the ad agency for Mr. Lamont - the upbeat ads which actually address the issues, are eye-catching and stimulate discourse. Of course the Joe camp sees discussion of what is wrong with this country as "negative campaigning." Pathetic.
>What's with the late-nite phone sex commerical voiceover anyway? "Call 900-GIRLZ-LUV-JOE for more hot, sensual legislation..."<


I couldn't believe my eyes when I caught this ad this morning. I guess the smart people are all working on the Lamont campaign as Lieberman already dumped his first campaign crew and this ad is an exmaple of what the replacement staff thinks is good?

Yet another poor choice by Lieberman.
The clip was filmed in Santa Barbara.
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