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Tuesday, August 22, 2006


It's My Parties

If Joe Lieberman can be a member of two political parties at the same time, so can BranfordBoy:

So there you have it! If anyone gives me grief about how I can register as a Dem or a Republican but not both, I'll just refer them to the Secretary of State, who will champion my constitutional right to associate with a political party. And the more the merrier say I.

There is a serious issue here, which Lieberman's campaign is trying to distract from - and that is that Joe Lieberman has himself chosen to leave the Democratic Party. I mean, what else does he have to do to prove this? He lost the party's primary. He created a new party. He lost the support of every significant Connecticut Democratic leader. He has adopted Cheneyist rhetoric and hired a Democrat-slaying pollster who has never had a Democratic client and is currently working for Republican candidates in Connecticut. He is no longer listed as a Democrat by the DSCC.

I mean, he could call himself Canadian too. That wouldn't make it true.

No matter what his campaign or the ballot or his official registration says, he is no longer a Democrat. Period.

And if two parties aren't enough for Joe, I can think of a few more he can join.
Ugh, I dont want him calling himself Canadian..we have enough neo-cons and so-cons up here in government as it is.. We dont need any more.
Sorry, Scott, didn't mean to pawn him off on you. He'd fit in quite well with Harper's goverment, though.

Maybe he can start the Bloc Joebecois? ;)
He's not an Independent, either, no matter what the DSCC website says. He's the one and only member of the "Connecticut for Lieberman" party, and I shot an email to the DSCC asking them to correct their listing.
seems to me that the democrats will want him pretty bad if they end up winning the senate by one seat and that seat is his.
Joementum can kiss my ass, period (you too, energyanalyst).
It might be best not to respond to energyanalysts inane responses. It is tantamount to furiously waving away a gnat. And yes, I've checked out his website and he repeatedly requests. I have finally stopped laughing long enough to post this message.

Having just begun a read of James Madison's "transcripts" of the negotiations concerning the Declaration of Independence and Articles of Confederation, I am longing for reasoned discourse. Mr. Lamont seems reasonable to me. I am hoping a continued strong stance against the misery that has become the state of this country will move reasonable minds, no matter political affiliation, to vote for change.
Madison would roll over in his grave if he knew people put their party ahead of their government. ole G mentions "no matter political affiliation," but he doesnt really mean that.

What exactly seems reasonable about Ned. The fact that he wants to encourage our enemies by assuring them that when the going gets tough we'll be on the first chopper out? Seems to me that it is just more liberals hankering for what they did during Viet Nam. The stakes are much higher now, and just because we bug out doesnt mean the war ends. No, this time they arent afraid to take the war to us as Sept. 11 clearly indicates. Oh I know, Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11. There were no WMDs, no terrorist etc. That is a fantasy. To believe that you have to believe that for some reason the tiger (SH) changed his stripes. Atta met with the Iraqi intelligence at least 2 times before 9/11, and at least one of the terrorists had a Kuwaiti passport that was suspicious (as in issued/doctored) during the Iraqi occupation of Kuwait. But then again maybe that is all for nothing. SH saw the light an converted during the 13 years since DSI, Right.

That reasonable enough for you Chaucer? Or is it only reasonable if it fits into your proscribed worldview.
If the Dems win a majority of one and they need Lamont to make the majority, he is going to condition his vote on the Federal takeover of all private industry. Just watch and wait.
Tee hee, thanks for the laugh energybanalist.
Hey, energyanalyst, does the "energy" part of your handle stand for "oil," by any chance?

Just asking.
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