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Tuesday, August 22, 2006


ARG: Lieberman (R) 44, Lamont (D) 42, Schlesinger (R) 3

This is the second poll out today that shows the race in a statistical dead heat:

Joe Lieberman and Ned Lamont are in a statistical tie in the race for United States Senate in Connecticut according to the latest survey from the American Research Group. Among likely voters in November, 44% say they would vote for Lieberman, 42% say they would vote for Lamont, 3% say they would vote for Alan Schlesinger, and 11% are undecided.

Lieberman leads Lamont 57% to 18% among enrolled Republicans and 48% to 38% among unaffiliated (independent) voters. Lamont leads Lieberman 65% to 30% among enrolled Democrats.

In light of these trends, and if only to save himself further embarrassment and humiliation, Sen. Lieberman needs to reconsider accepting the results of the primary.
That wont happen (hoping Lieberman will drop out) till there are polls (either the standard ones or Lieberman's internals) that show him behind in the race, and perhaps decisively behind.
energyanalyst, Lieberman is not above the law, unless you think he's Lord Lieberman of Nutmegshire.
If Lieberman is going to lose anyway, why do you care if he drops out? Isn't it better for Lamont that he be defeated outright?
wt, personally I don't care if Lieberman drops out of the race or not. I'm enjoying watching him squirm at the trouble he makes for himself. I hope Monty Python makes a movie based on Lieberman's campaign ordeal.

The reason why most Democrats want Joe to exit the race has to do with the other races. We have 3 critical Congressional races that Dems have a very good chance at taking, but Lieberman is sucking the Media attention away from them and the gubernatorial race. And by allying with the Republican machine, Lieberman will aide and abet the Republican candidates, not the Democratic ones.
Lieberman has to continue losing Democratic support in these polls. Once it is obvious that Democrats in Connecticut support Lemont, the race Definately becomes Democratic vs. Republican sponsored candidate. And all gloves should come off and Joe addressed as what he truly is: Joe Lieberman, Republican candidate for Senator from Connecticut.
I make no bones about it. I'm a republican and I intend to vote for Lieberman. Schlesinger is lame. Lieberman, though I almost never agree with him, is right on the one, most important issue of my lifetime. It is really simple
Again, the facts seem to elude the LieberTrolls

First, Lamont is the moderate in this race. Lamont's views on the Iraq war represent a clear majority of Americans at this time. As a fiscal conservative, Lamont will be considerably more careful with our tax dollars than Rubber-Stamp Joe, who seems to think that any Bush-Cheney spending initiative is just great, as long as it's what Supreme Leader Bush wants.

Communism? Is this what you call government programs that are beneficial to all Americans? Is Social Security "communism" in your view as well? If so, I don't agree with your terminology. Government programs are part of having a society. Programs like Social Security and, hopefully later on, universal healthcare, make our country stronger and a better place to live for everyone.

...in bizarre medialand, these polls are ignored in Connecticut as Quinnipiac is taken literally. Lieberman is said to be "surging" to a large lead over Lamont of 12 points (53-41-9), nevermind that in their July poll it was (51-31-4), and the Schlesinger collapse not even noted.
Taking Rumsfeld's job would be a face-saving exit for Joe. The problem is that this is the most hopelessly dead-end, thankless job in the world, and Joe is not that dumb.
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