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Monday, September 11, 2006


Monday Morning Round-Up

"America's Next Top Lamont" Edition:

an excellent compilation of various forthcoming primary odds n' ends that could actually give us huge insight into an emerging anti-incumbency wave -

it is hard to tell which "anti" wave will hurt joe the most, an anti-bush wave, an anti-iraq wave, or an anti-incumbency wave, but the bastard is gonna catch the full brunt of all three anti waves, no question!

it is interesting that joe thinks that the anti-incumbency wave is the worst wave for him, ie, joe is jokingly trying to run as an agent for "change" in DC; what a maroon!

PS: check your Susan Paige text excerpt.
"Laffey's efforts to link Chafee with the extremely unpopular President Bush also appear to be paying off," said Profughi."

this ties in with the multiple "anti" waves thing; if chafee loses, true or not, it will be spun as chafee being a victim of BOTH an anti-incumbency wave AND an anti-bush wave -

I now see why the NRSC is fighting FOR chafee, and it isn't just about repub control of the senate; while chafee is more ANTI-bush than some Dem senators, chafee is also BEING PUBLICALLY FRAMED as being PRO-bush by laffey, thus a primary defeat for chafee becomes a public defeat for bush, just like joe's primary loss here was also a public defeat for bush, which was why cheney had to come out shooting the day after joe lost, since joe's primary loss was also a loss for the bush/cheney iraq policy -

poor chafee does not deserve to be sucked into such bizzaro world wierdness, but the bottom line is still to turn over control of congress to the Dems any way we can, so we (congress) can then truly investigate bush & cheney and get their crimes all in the official record before these criminals leave office.
Thanks, HFL. Quote fixed.
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