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Friday, September 08, 2006


Bolton Joe

A reader emails to say that Sen. Lieberman's office is not taking a position on John Bolton's nomination to the UN.

Bolton's nomination was opposed by Sen. Chafee (R-RI) this week, which led the GOP to cancel the planned committee vote.

And Sen. Dodd has surprisingly taken the lead among Senate Dems in fighting the nomination, should it make it to a floor vote:

The nomination was also stymied by the campaign led by Dodd. Since he returned to work Tuesday after Congress' summer recess, Dodd has been gauging opinion among Democrats, and Thursday was ready to use a filibuster - a tool he rarely uses - to stop the confirmation.

He said he was still disturbed by reports that Bolton tried first to get intelligence analysts to change their views to match his, and then tried to get those analysts fired. Bolton has said he never intended to have anyone dismissed.

Dodd was not convinced. "He stepped over the line," the senator said Thursday.

Bobby McGee, a new front-pager at CT Local Politics, gives Dodd some much-deserved praise on this:

I think it's refreshing to see that Dodd is willing to stand up to the president on their disastrous handling of foreign and diplomatic affairs. I am not very optimistic about his presidential hopes, mostly because he hasn't come out strongly for any big issues. This seems to be a nice change.

Indeed. Kudos, Sen. Dodd. What a contrast with the state's junior senator, who refuses, apparently, to even take a position.

Why doesn't Sen. Lieberman agree with Sen. Dodd on this?
Crikey! Can it be true that Lieberman is not taking any position? At least pick one, I'd have more respect.
So, who needs a position when you're a Caucus Of One?

A Caucus Of One sort of wrecks havoc on bulding a Unity and Purposeā„¢ ticket, however it might have some sort of benefit for a Principalsā„¢ ticket. Or, Principles&tradeas the case may be.

Turn a Corner. Stay the Course.
It should be noted that Lieberman was one of only a handful of Dems who voted for Bolton as undersecretary in 2001. If the republicans need someone to haul water Joe's their guy.
On the subject of Dodd, we ought to realize that we have got a gem in him, a man who ought to run for president. Is there anyone else who knows more about foreign affairs, who is more articulate, smart, and tough?
alsobobfromct, if Dodd is so knowledgable about foreign affairs, then he should have strongly opposed invading Iraq and opposed IWR. Also, how can he justify allowing cluster bombs being dropped near populated areas, where kids and pets and noncombatant adults fall victim to them?
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