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Saturday, September 09, 2006



Either Sen. Lieberman enjoys micharacterizing historical documents, or he doesn't actually read emails from his constituents.

Or both.
Lieberman has no conscience.
this just proves how out of touch Joe is! The fact that he dosen't even appreciate or consider how the real truth can be immediately brought to surface by the blogoshere! How in the world did he think he could get away with such twisted facts!

Joe's campaign is definitely way out of their league -- it's has to be so embrassing to be that far behind in the 21st century -- to be caught in your lie so fast!

Great job -- Ned should be proud of his "rapid response team"!!!!
This thing looks like a set-up. I thought it was weird that they asked Lamont about Lieberman's "Clinton is immoral" speech at that lunch the other day. They (the NY Times) must have been told about Lamont's writing to Lieberman at the time.

The Times quotes so much of the letter that there is no doubt the motive for not simply running the entire letter is foul.
Hey Spazeboy,

Might want to post thsi expose of the NYT piece that distorts Lamont's comments on Liebreman and Lewinsky.

Well, we KNOW he doesn't read emails - he "values" our opinion so much he doesn't take them into account at all.

As an "insider" in the campaign do you know if Lamonts press people are on top of this? There are lots of excellent debunking on the blogs but unless the campaign provides rapid-response press-releases and sound-bites this debunking will never reach the voting public.
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