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Sunday, September 03, 2006


Ned Rocks the CT Democratic Picnic

The AP headline says it all about today's unifying event: "Former Lieberman Allies Rally Around Lamont At Party Picnic".

Sen. Dodd intodudced Lieberman at the convention... and introduced Ned Lamont (D) today:

While [Lieberman] stayed out of the public eye Sunday, political allies with whom he'd campaigned and served for decades - including fellow U.S. Sen. Christopher Dodd - cheered on his Democratic opponent, Greenwich millionaire Ned Lamont, with the same adoration they once showered upon Lieberman....

"Most of those folks have been very active for a long time, so this is a chance for me today to thank them for being so supportive," Lamont said at Sunday's picnic, where he was cheered with a standing ovation and chants of "Ned, Ned, Ned!" when Dodd introduced him.

And Rep. Larson (CT-1) hits Joe hard, using perhaps the harshest possible analogy for a "turncoat" (at least in Connecticut):

U.S. Rep. John Larson, D-Conn., likened Lieberman to Johnny Damon, a Boston Red Sox player whose move to the rival New York Yankees horrified Boston team loyalists.

True fans remained loyal to the Red Sox despite grieving the loss of a favorite player, just as many Democrats remain loyal to the party despite Lieberman's absence, Larson said.

"It's an unusual circumstance and it's very difficult for people like me, and those of us who've known and worked with Joe Lieberman for so many years," Larson said, "but the fact is, he's not on our team."

Rep. John Larson said sooo easily what other Democrats have been afraid to admit in public: "but the fact is, he's not on our team."

This Democratic dream that Joe will still be a Democrat if he wins is crazy.
Maybe, just maybe, the old Joe would still have some feelings of party loyalty; this new Joe has loyalties only to himself and a failed Iraqi strategy by our leader for the next 2 years and 4 months, KING GEORGE!
off the record, where is the Red Sox/ Yankee divide in Connecticut. I saw an articlwe within the last year that named a specific area.

I've always been impressed by Dodd, and would love to see him run for President.
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