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Sunday, September 03, 2006


Who Is "Team Connecticut"?

Kirby (posting at CTBob) notes that the airwaves in CT have been hit with a deluge of Lieberman ads this morning, payed for by the overwhelmingly pro-Republican US Chamber of Commerce, who are also running ads in CT for Rep. Johnson (R) and Rep. Simmons (R):

This morning on the Sunday talk shows I've seen the Lieberman is great ad from the US Chamber of commerce 5 times. Yes, the same US Chamber of Commerce that is running ads for Nancy Johnson and Rob Simmons. Read more here and here

This in advance of the Swift Boat Veterans for Lieberman Freedom ads that are due to start running this week.

"Team Connecticut" seems to consist almost entirely of D.C-based corporate pro-Republican PACs, a Republican governor, Republican congressmen, D.C. Republican lobbyists, Republican PR firms related to the Swift Boaters, D.C.-based Republican fundraisers and donors, Republican neoconservative ideologues, the Republican national leadership... and Joe Lieberman.
Karl Rove has targeted Connecticut as one of six states essential for keeping control of the Congress. Of course, as neither he nor Bush is popular here (ya think?), the form of support is taking place as a deluge of advertising funded and generated by party acolytes, hacks, and much worse.
Ralph Nader has been calling this one for months. After the primary loss for Lieberman, Nader must have made a dozen media appearances railing against the Lieberman-US Chamber of Congress ties, a body not nearly so innocuous as their name suggests. Here's an article he wrote also:

The Hollow Campaign?

I know that even some of those who signed the petition are not going to vote for him, now that the betrayal has been made real. Where once they had signed out of loyalty to Joe, in November they will pull the lever of the Democrat out of loyalty to the party, the state, and the country.

I think the polls greatly exaggerate the likely Joe voters. On the phone, it's easy to express sympathy - but to actually get out and vote for the status quo, that takes more energy than it's worth.
is it bad that it makes me chuckle that Joe's ads are on as Ernesto has knocked out power from so many in CT (at least in CT-04 where my parents are.) here's to wasted ad buys (while, of course, wishing for everyone's safety.)
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