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Friday, September 01, 2006


Quote Of (Back In) The Day

"No, it's over. I did what the folks in the Connecticut Democratic Party who nominated me asked me to do. I will abide by the decision of the people of Connecticut."

- Sen. Lieberman on staying in the Senate race, Larry King Live, Oct. 31, 2000.

(Via UptownNYChick at FDL, hat tip CTBob.)

Update: This is funny. In the same transcript, Lieberman goes on make excuses for screwing over Democrats by simultaneously running for VP and the Senate and possibly allowing then-Gov. Rowland (R) to appoint a replacement if he and Gore had won the White House.

As part of his equivocation, he extols the democratic virtues of... primaries!

"At worst, there will be a special election two years from now, when everybody who wants to participate can. A lot of them who wanted to run for the Senate were running for other offices this year couldn't, and the voters can participate as they couldn't fully this year, because there was no time to have primaries."

Ah yes. Joe Lieberman, that infamous proponent of party primaries.
KING: Have you felt or seen any anti-Semitism?

LIEBERMAN: Not a whit.

KING: Not a sign at a rally?

Amazing. Contrast that answer with this one recently:

Asked specifically if he felt that the wave of opposition to his candidacy had anything to do with his religion or his support for Israel, Mr. Lieberman paused, stepped toward the blue sedan that would speed him to a meeting outside of Hartford and said, "That's too big a question to answer on one foot. We should come back to answer that one."

Just diaried it here:
Read this excerpt from his own book......
I think that Lieberman's statement regarding "I will abide by the decision of the people of CT" should be inserted early in one of Ned's responses in the debate -- judging from the pre-primary debate, it doesn't take much to get Joe on the defensive. Also, I think the voters in this state deserve an answer to the obvious conflict.

oh yeah, somebody make him go there. please please... I want Joe to say that everyone hates him because he's Jewish... that would be priceless.

I also agree that setting Joe on the defensive early in a debate is a great strategy.

what a whiner.
"Veterans for Freedom" -- another name for another Swiftboating phalanx -- will start running ads in CT thanking Holy Joe for his support for the war in Iraq.

That definitely should sink the whiny little wanker.

In the meantime, let's demand that the Democratic leadership strips that tuncoat from his committee assiggnments. Holy Joe has to go!
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