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Saturday, September 02, 2006



Joe Lieberman is still - amazingly, and despite all actual, you know, evidence - claiming his website was hacked. From an email his campaign just sent supporters today under the candidate's own name, announcing the re-launch of Joe2006.com this coming Tuesday, a full four weeks after his website went down:

We appreciate your patience as we substantially upgraded the site's security and functionality. And we are confident you will find the un-hacked version worth the wait.

Joe2006.com was "hacked." = "It is very much a sunrise."

And from the campaign who disdains all things blog-related comes... an official blog!

One of the first things you will notice is that we have added our own blog. That's a place you can find out the latest scoop on the campaign, in real time.

A Lieberman Real Time Blog™ for the Lieberman Joe2006.com™ website featuring the Doors And Diners™ road show re-launch of the Unity™ And Purpose™ campaign featuring The Plan™ or Strategy for Victory™ to Stay The Course™, Clear, Hold and Build™ and Turn Another Corner™ until the next Mission Accomplished™ sign can be hung.

What happened to the Hug™?

Ah well, There's always the warm embrace or Chris "Bear-Hug" Shays, Rob, Nancy, Jodi or Dear Leader, the Decider™.
Wonder how long they will keep the blog up. They don't have much patience for bloggers who post the truth about Lieberman.
Time for Lamont to call out Lieberman as a liar over this. Might as well also get a dig in about how Liarman worked to pass legislation worth bilions and bilions of dollars to his wife's clients.

Fact is,Joe Liarman, far from being a principled man of integrity, is lying, corrupt, very, very nasty piece of work.
If the blog allows comments, it will only be so they can be used as examples of the supposed craziness and incivility of Lamont supporters. If no sufficiently wacko comments involving, say, assassination or antisemitic ravings show up naturally, then no doubt some Lieberman supporter will be happy to write them so they can be attributed to the Lamont campaign.
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