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Tuesday, September 12, 2006


No-Show Joe

In addition to skipping out on two critical votes on Iraq last week, Sen. Lieberman also missed six other senate votes for a total of eight missed votes in three days. Some were close, others not:

"Sleeping Bear," anyone?

Lieberman attacked Weicker [in 1988] for missing votes in the Senate; he aired a TV commercial of a sleeping bear, an effective personal shot that ushered in a new era of nasty political campaigning in Connecticut. Lieberman's point was that Weicker had become too cavalier about voting and doing his job after three terms in office.

And Sen. Lieberman's response?

“I plan to return to the Senate for votes when my presence is a deciding factor and important committee business in which my participation is crucial,” Lieberman wrote. “The task of representation is truly a two-way street.”

So unless the vote is 50-50, Sen. Lieberman says he doesn't have to show up.

But this is nothing new. Sen. Lieberman claims to want to hold Bush accountable on Iraq, but has also missed 11 crucial votes on Iraq in recent years:

LIEBERMAN SKIPPING KEY SENATE VOTES ON IRAQ; HAS MISSED AT LEAST 11 IRAQ VOTES SINCE 2003: On 9/6/06, Lieberman missed a critical close Senate vote on Iraq. Specifically, the vote was on legislation to require the Pentagon to provide more information to Congress and the public on the potential for civil war in Iraq. Lieberman missed this critical vote even though the Hartford Courant noted that Lieberman was in Washington that day. In fact, Lieberman attended the vote that immediately preceded this key Iraq vote. That was on a bill to prevent cluster bombing of civilian targets. Lieberman voted against that bill. Lieberman also missed another close Iraq vote the next day – this time on legislation to stop the Pentagon from trying to artificially influence the Iraqi news media in the wake of embarrassing scandals about U.S. government media tampering that have enflamed anti-American passions in Iraq. In all, Lieberman has missed at least 11 Iraq votes since the war started in 2003. [Sources: Senate Roll Call Vote #233, 9/6/06; Hartford Courant, 9/7/06; Senate Roll Call Vote #232, 9/6/07; Senate Roll Call Vote #236, 9/7/06]

LIEBERMAN ONLY SENATOR TO MISS TWO KEY IRAQ VOTES IN 2003: Lieberman was the only U.S. Senator to miss a close vote on a resolution to urge the president to better engage America’s international allies to help bear the military and financial cost of the war. He was also the only senator to miss a close vote on a bill that would have created a federal agency overseeing Iraq reconstruction money so as to prevent war profiteering. In both cases, the votes were very close, and the legislation in question was defeated. [Sources: Senate Roll Call Vote #391, 10/17/03; Senate Roll Call Vote #392, 10/17/03]

Close votes or not, what the heck is going on? If he thinks that he is covering his ... by not committing one way or the other, I think it will backfire. He was elected to represent this state -- while he still has a few months left he should get back to work.
Not to worry. I'm sure these were all just "procedural votes".

Right, Joe??
If Senator Lieberman can't be bothered to vote on "procedural" issues like Iraq or Osama bin Laden, why should we be bothered to vote for him in November?

If Senator Lieberman thinks his job is to skip votes, why not tell his followers to skip voting in November?

If Senator Lieberman thinks a Senator shouldn't vote, why not try life outside the Senate? He can "not vote" as much as he wants.

If the War in Iraq and capturing Osama bin Laden are merely "procedural votes", how can we trust Lieberman to protect us?
Oh theres a comment.

My vote is not crucial in a Democracy.

Got I cant wait to dump this reject..
So, if I understand Sen. Lieberman correctly, he will only return to the Sentate if his vote is necessary and if the Democrats are discussing something crucial. Is this the platform he ran on 6 years ago? Is this his current platform?

I didn't realize that a Senator's role was only to vote in close races. Is this the stand of other Senators? Why vote at all if most things are pre-ordained? What could be more crucial than the state of this country, the Middle East, risng nuclear threats, environmental degradation, economic benefits for the rich and deficits for the middle class and poor, failing schools, cluster bombs, health care, etc.

And what is this two-way street comment mean? His attitude suggests that he is travelling down a one-way dead end street. I want to know where he stands, not in stump speeches, but where it counts, on the floor of the Senate.
Lieberman is at heart simply a coward.

He is afraid to take a position that he can be held accountable for.

No, he's the kid who yells at you from the other side of the schoolyard and then runs home to mommy if you call him out.
Grrr. Sorry to post again, but I'm still angry. I hope anyone who had planned on voting for Lieberman decides that their vote is not crucial, that voting for a Senator is only procedural, and stays home.
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