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Friday, September 01, 2006


Friday Morning Round-Up

(Minor party candidate edition.)

For a funny piece on Joe Lieberman, part of a series, "Joe's Diary" see today's
CT Blue
Honestly, I haven't been actively interested in political campaigns since Paul Tsongas ran against Bill Clinton -- I supported Tsongas. I don't remember, however, a fifth party candidate having the pull to demand and get a debate with the major party candidates. Does anyone know if Lieberman was magnanimous enough to debate the Green Party, the Independent Party, or any other Party other than the Republicans? If he did, good for him, but the invitation to debate should come from major party candidates, requests for a debate, legitimately can come from minor parties and petitioning parties.

I think a five party debate allows Lieberman to dodge the real issues because of time constraints.
I'm thinking two debates with the Republican, and then they both should be magnanimous and do one with all the minor party candidates.

But the more debates with Schlesinger, the better. Gotta raise his profile!
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Blog On
"...minor party candidate"

LieberMe must really have totally lost it to even _think_ about taking part in Democratic events...

I think an interesting, but overlooked fact is that this "minor party candidate" is leading by a lot in the polls. If you dont debate him, you dont have a chance to draw contrasts. I noticed a lot of attention on this site is spent villifying Lieberman, but the fact of the matter is that he is winning with the population of CT. The interesting question is, whom do you think more fairly represents the mainstream of independent voters--if it is Lieberman, then perhaps excluding him is the right answer. Comparing him to the wacko green candidate, or the nutty libertarians is a fun intellectual exercise, but these candidates seldom do anything but spoil. If this is a guy you think you can beat, beat him heads up draw the true contrasts. Dont spend time disecting his commercials, what are the differences?
Anon 11:06: The last two polls, for whatever they are worth, showed a dead heat in this race.
A multi-party debate also makes Lieberman more vunerable to attacks from the other candidates. I suspect the Green Party candidate will hit Lieberman harder than Lamont. I'm sure Schlessinger will attack both but he may attack Lieberman harder since Republican DTC's are abandoning him in favor of Lieberman.

The key to any debate is the quality of the moderators. So far the moderators have not been very good about keeping the candidates in line, especially Lieberman.
FYI Anonymous @ 11:06

Just to give actual #'s to Tparty's statement:

The American Research Group Poll and Rasmussen were both released within a day of each other last week, and both showed Lieberman leading by 2 over Lamont - well within the margin of error and statistically a dead heat. That hardly qualifies as "leading by a lot" in the polls.

You might bring up Zogby's latest poll showing Lieberman by 10 over Lamont. However, thats an interactive internet-only poll which ahs no randomness built into it whatsoever; very suspect.

So, until more polls come out stating otherwise.. Lamont and Lieberman are neck-and-neck.

Personally.. For what its worth,I think Lieberman should be allowed to debate, and to debate him more then once. My impression has been the more Ct. voters see of Lieberman, the less they like of him.

Setting the blogging bar even higher...great post!
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