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Thursday, August 31, 2006


Lieberman and Bush: Staying the Course, Together

Another year, another "stay the course" PR offensive (front page of NYTimes.com):

stay the course

Ned Lamont responds (from a press release):

"Once again, President Bush demonstrates a stubborn and unrealistic view of how to defeat terrorism and keep Americans safe," said Lamont. "All Americans want victory in Iraq - our security depends on it, and we owe our troops nothing less. Unfortunately, 'staying the course' won't bring us that victory."...

Sen. Lieberman this week began airing an ad trying to distract attention from the War, telling voters to focus on "the good stuff." The ad, listing "the good stuff," launched at the same time at least 11 American troops have been killed in the last 5 days in Iraq. In all, more than 2,600 American troops have been killed in Iraq, including 20 from Connecticut. George Bush and Joe Lieberman continue to be among the dwindling numbers of military and government leaders clinging to the stay the course strategy. Republicans and veteran support for Lamont's position continues to grow:

- Republican Congressman Chris Shays has now declared that we need a timetable.
- Decorated veteran Congressman Murtha has called for changing our course and has endorsed Lamont.
- Decorated veteran and former Republican Jim Webb has also called for change and endorsed Lamont.

Support our troops.

Send Ned Lamont (D) to the Senate.
Regarding the Bush/Rummy ditto-head speaches re: staying the course and watching out for Nazi's in our neighborhood, there are a few excellent rebuttals. I am computer illiterate so here are the references. Op-ed in L.A. Times; Op-ed by Peter Galbraith in the Boston Globe -- which beautifully points out that Rummy and Bush didn't have to go further back in history than the Reagan/Bush I/Rumsfeld marriage of convenience with Saddam Hussein. Maybe someone can find that picture of Rummy shaking Saddam's hand. Also, the marvelous piece by Keith Olbermann which was aired on MSNBC last night and available in transcript form on Dailykos and others. Sorry to ramble, but the other ditto-head of CT's fifth party might find it all interesting.
Can you believe this??

Today, Dan Gerstein said this:

"Despite clear evidence that shows Senator Lieberman has called for a new approach to the war, Lamont repeated his false claim today that Senator Lieberman supports the President's 'stay the course' strategy. The fact is, three weeks ago on CBS's Face the Nation, Senator Lieberman said unequivocally that the Bush Administration needs a change in leadership and a change in direction at the Pentagon, and repeated his call for Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld's resignation."

What the hell? Do the Lieberman people think we have the attention span of a 2-day old kitten? This is just unbelievable!
What exactly is Ned's position? I know it is not stay the course, but what is it?
Anonymous said...

What exactly is Ned's position? I know it is not stay the course, but what is it?

Get the fuck out of this hell-hole.
Thanks mark that was very enlightening. Tparty, is that what useful comment moderation (errr censorship) is all about? I asked a simple question.
Anon 9:35- I believe the commenter was stating his interpretation of Lamont's position on Iraq (i.e. "get out of this hell-hole"), not launching a personal insult at you.
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