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Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Wednesday Morning Round-Up

"No-Show Joe" Edition:

Lieberman is now on WNPR's Where
We Live till 10 am. Should be able to call in live.
Give 'em hell Ned.

Give 'em hell John.

Give 'em hell Chris.

Give 'em hell Diane.

Give 'em hell Courtney.
If the latest SUSA poll is accurate and not an outlier from the ARG and Rasmussen, then Ned has some work to do.
I am in California and my mother ( who, in her disgust, has stopped paying attention to politics) heard about the Lieberman no-show on votes and is disgusted. She wanted to know, since when are votes on important issues not crucial and just procedural.

I would point the press to noshowjoe2006.com in response to Tammy Sunstroke and ask them what they think is negative.
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