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Monday, September 25, 2006


"What If" Games

Shorter Joe:

"Things were said, mistakes were made. Let's end this madness and get on with our lives."

Why does the Republican party (and Joe) always want to reset to zero?

Why don't they want learn anything from the disasters they bring upon us?

Wouldn't it be great to live in a world where people wanted to improve?
"What is" eerie,

is how much all this sounds like the Nixon administration squirming and whining as Vietnam slid into the abyss.

It never was their fault.
Longer Joe:

"Well, yeah, Halliburton and Carlyle and the other Usual Suspects got to raid the treasury, too. Hey, it happens. Let's not be gauche by trying to get our money back. They're nice folks over there, Daddy Bush and James Baker and such, and there's no reason future generations of Bushes shouldn't enjoy bulging trust funds, now is there? Let's just put all of this behind us so we can go back to lobbying for Big Pharma. What, you don't make $500,000 a year? How did you get in here? This is a private club!"
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