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Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Lieberman Defends Vote for Alito

It's really quite simple in the end. Want to stay the course in Iraq? Vote Joe. Want zero accountability for this administration or the congressional leadership? Vote Joe. Want more Alitos on the Supreme Court? Vote Joe:

In the Alito case, I voted against him because, based on his record, I didn’t have enough confidence about how he would vote on things I would value. But he is able, and a person of good character, and I honestly didn’t feel he was so far over the edge - as were some of the Bush nominees that I have filibustered - that I should filibuster him. I didn’t want to break the agreement, because breaking the agreement would have meant that if there is another opening in the next couple of years it would only take 51 votes and not 60 to confirm someone.

Had enough yet?
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