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Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Hacking Investigation Update

CTBob tries to get one from Blumenthal's office:

So today I contacted the AG's office, and found someone willing to speak off the record. Off the record didn't really matter, because he couldn't tell me much beyond the fact that the investigation is ongoing and they can't discuss it.

When I brought up the possibility that Lieberman's campaign may have used their poorly-maintained server crash as an opportunity to attack the Lamont campaign and it's supporters, and there has been no resolution of the situation, what would keep them from doing the same thing on election day in November? They tried to use their server crash as an excuse to attack Lamont's campaign and get plenty of media coverage for their campaign; and they got tons of national attention, without any proof of their charges.

In the interest of providing an environment where a FAIR election can be run, it would be very helpful for the AG's office to at the very least publish some preliminary findings in advance of November 7th.


Someone should ask Professor Sean Smith:

Smith, a campaign strategist who came from out of state to lead Lieberman's team, will teach the political science seminar "Modern Political Campaigns."

Blumenthal is just waiting to see who wins the election -- not taking any chances in case there is a Governor in the next 30 years who might have an approval rating like Bush's -- so he can run against them.
I will be following up on this. They are aware of our interest now, and I'm willing to give them a chance to get something done.

If they wait too long though...well, have you seen the kinds of things I've done to Joe Lieberman?
Thanks b.a. I am basically a computer illiterate, but from what I understand, it isn't too difficult to figure out hacking from a crash. While I am a left over 60s screaming liberal (somewhat moderated) I am no fan of Blumenthal. Since he loves the camera so much, maybe you can get one of your famous photo ops on the issue.
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