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Saturday, October 28, 2006


Bar Graph of the Day

From Matt at MLN, a visual representation of $387,000 in cold hard cash... vs. the petty cash spent by other Senate candidates this cycle:

$387,561 in petty cash is light years beyond what nineteen other serious senate candidates spent. Why is Joe using all of this cash? Why were his campaign workers carrying around what had to be briefcases of cash? What was Joe Lieberman and his campaign doing with all of this cash?

I believe the comparative study of FEC filings of other senate candidates validates the need to ask these questions. Answers, I hope, will be forthcoming.

Obviously, this isn't going away after the election. There has to be accountability for money disappearing undocumented from a political campaign in such huge amounts. IOW, theres a reason why all the other campaigns weren't taking almost $400,000 in cash out of the campaign.
Please someone pay attention to this so in this last week I don't have to talk about the real issues.
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