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Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Blackmail Joe

Before he lost the primary, it was righteous indignation that anyone would dare question his commitment to the Democratic party whose verdict he had already said he'd disregard.

Sen. Lieberman, July 19th:

Steinfels said that Lieberman would "absolutely not" run on the GOP line. She added: "He has said he's always been a Democrat, and he'll always be a Democrat."

Asked if he'd rule out accepting the line, Steinfels said: "Joe Lieberman will never run as a Republican. Never."

Sen. Lieberman, right before the primary:

"The more I have talked to voters in these closing days, the more I am concerned they have been shortchanged in this campaign," said Lieberman. "Instead of hearing an honest debate about the issues that really matter to people, they have been overwhelmed with bogus charges about my Democratic credentials..."

After he lost the primary, it has turned into righteous indignation that anyone would dare take away a shred of his power, and outright threats to the party he said he'd "never" leave that if they attempt to do so, he will do just that - leave:

Sen. Lieberman, Sept. 28th:

The critical thing is to caucus with the Democrats because if you don't caucus with a party, you don't have the opportunity to hold your seniority in the committee assignments that you've got and that's important to the folks back home.

Sen. Lieberman, Sept. 29th:

Lieberman said he would keep his senior position in the caucus, even though he lost Connecticut’s Democratic primary, and is running against Democratic nominee Ned Lamont, whom the Senate Democratic leadership has endorsed.

“That’s what I’ve been told,” said Lieberman in an interview Friday, before Congress recessed for the election. “Caucuses like to keep as many members as they can, not discourage membership,” implying that leaders risk his defection to the GOP if they strip him of seniority.

The man's word is worth nothing.
This is what I have been thinking about the Democratic Senators who have voiced support for Lieberman since the primary: They are doing it to prevent Lieberman from using the excuse "everyone's being mean to me" and going over to become the actual Republican candidate. He got a lot of mileage out of it when Gore endorsed Dean and didn't tell Lieberman first. The media treated it like a wife who found out her husband was divorcing her from watching TV. (Like Giuliani's second wife found out; he's on his third now.)

One thing these polls don't measure is how much the poll taker is educating the voter. A candidate in fifth place on the ballot needs to have the voters well informed to look down 5 spots for his name. The poll taker is effectively doing that education for that tiny slice of the electorate who are actually called and then the poll extrapolates it to the entire population. Theres still a huge chunk of the population that thinks Saddam Hussein plotted 9/11; a lot of people don't pay close attention to the news but they still vote.
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