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Monday, October 02, 2006


New Ad

Pass it along:

Love it!!!!

Now that is more like it.
I posted this at the official site, too. Under the "message" link at the OS, there's a typo in the default message that goes out. It says "inspirational move" instead of "movie."

And you KNOW how Erik Blankenblank likes to pick on typos!
After "Students" this is the best one yet. Clearly hits the new direction, change, theme. Clearly hits Lieberman and Bush. The end with all the supporters gives the feeling of momentum.

Definitely my favorite (probably because it kinda looks like the videos that I hack together!) Let's see more of these.
this ad will do NOTHING to raise Lieberman's negatives.

this ad is in the same mold of trying to win the Dem primary all over again.

I am unimpressed.

the Lamont ad braintrust has run out of gas/ideas.
hartford for lamont, what have you been smokin?

This ad is a good introduction to Indies who have not been paying attention. They are not enamored of Lieberman either. And Lieberman is going deeper into the Bush-Cheney pocket as he needs campaign cash and they are the only source open to him.
I like the ad. I think Ned looks quite handsome and young in this ad.
H4L your exactly right, but do you know why that is? Because he has no ideas. He's anti-Bush, he's anti Lieberman. End of story. Good story, but it wont get him elected. We see it here every day. 90% of the posts tell you what a jerk JL is. OK, but what does NL stand for--damned if I know.
Ned Lamont stands for the US Constituion. It is the bedrock of our nation and government. Unlike Lieberman, who prefers to cavort with Bush & Cheney, Ned Lamont will hold Bush accountable for his bad decisions to the best of his ability. Ned Lamont won't be voting to allow torture and indefinite detention of American citizens and foreign persons.

Ned Lamont stands for a sane foreign policy, not one bred by Neo-con delusions of gradeur. Lamont believes that a strong America does not invade weak nations based upon deceit and deception. A strong America is one that respects our allies, even if we disagree with them on some issues, and works with them to make the world better and safer for all people on this planet.

Ned Lamont won't sellout Labor by supporting trade agreements with nations, like Oman, who practice slavery.

These are just some of the things that Lamont stands for.
uh huh, lol
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