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Monday, October 09, 2006


Comments Back on Joe's Blog

Not exactly... but the next best thing.

Check out this new mirror site:

Free speech was promised by the Lieberman campaign in their Joe2006 blog. That is, until they didn't agree with what was being said. Here's your chance to exercise YOUR RIGHT to free speech that Joe2006.com is denying you. Comments are welcome!

Same posts as the Joe blog. Comment away.
Oh TPARTY!!! you're being a wee bit disingenuous considering your record of silencing the opposition here dont you think?
You are a troll and you haven't been silenced. Darn it.
I do recall AH that you argued against my being silenced. Must have been a weak moment eh?
I believe in free speech and free entertainment -- not a weak moment at all. the "darn it" was just to see if you were paying attention.
@ tparty -- hey thanks for the link. Very brilliant on the part of CTBob. How does he have the time to be such a clever guy? Great to have access to some discussions on Blankenbaker's stuff.
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