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Saturday, October 14, 2006


Courant: Lieberman "Shatters Spending Record"

The Courant reports that Lieberman has run - already, and by far - the most expensive campaign in Connecticut history:

Lieberman's campaign announced Friday that he had raised $14.8 million in contributions as of Sept. 30 in his quest for a fourth term - $5.1 million of it since early August, when he switched to an independent candidacy after losing the Democratic nomination to businessman Ned Lamont in an Aug. 8 primary. He has $4.7 million in cash left to spend for the Nov. 7 election, he said.

$14.8 million. It's what's paying for his lying attack ads. It's what's paying for his staffers - still - crashing Ned's events. And it's coming from people and groups who expect to be paid back.

It's hard to keep up with that. Ned probably won't, in the end.

Joe Lieberman is trying to buy this election. Don't let him.
It pays to have to put down the falsehoods of the Lamont campaign.

Ned's latest piece of trash about Joe's 40 year long comittment to civil rights was simply laughable.

How long does it take to google "Joe Lieberman Dr King"? Huh? How long?

It takes half a second to get enough replies to use which would provide sufficient research to anyone looking to validify their work.

Half a second.

For Lamont's team to say their research didn't show that is beyond laughable, it's pathetic. AFIC, this last moronic episode from the Lamont campaign is a clear signal to th public that Lamont is not ready for the Senate. This gross lack of professionalism is disturbing.
$10.1 Million that wasn't spent elsewhere.
$10.1 million Lieberman doesn't get to keep.
$10.1 million and the best Lieberman gets is almost a draw.
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