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Friday, October 13, 2006


Ned and Joe Comparison Sheets

Check out these great comparison sheet PDFs that are now available online. Unofficial, but it's representative of the type of initiative that volunteers and supporters have taken for months now.

Then keep it going.
Does your comparison sheet mention "Jew Lieberman done, Corporate Clinton is next" the way your friends at MoveOn.org did? Or does it call Tom Lantos a "whining, arrogant Jew?" the way they did at MoveOn.org?

Mr. Lamont can't control who endorses him, but he can sure choose whether or not to accept the endorsement. When the Ku Klux Klan endorsed Ronald Reagan, he disowned and repudiated the endorsement in the strongest possible terms. The fact that Lamont has failed to repudiate MoveOn.org shows that he is willing to consort with an organization that welcomed the vilest imaginable hate speech at its Action Forum-- hate speech very similar to what real Nazis used to persuade a whole nation to hate Jews. While not as prevalent, the hate speech also promoted contempt for African Americans by smearing all Black members of our Armed Forces as potential mutineers.

MoveOn's pathetic excuses that it "didn't know" about the hate speech break down under the overwhelming evidence to the contrary. I have posted (with his permission) a letter that a friend sent MoveOn in April 2004-- that is 2004, not 2006-- that told MoveOn about the problem. I can personally attest to MoveOn's moderators deleting my comments while allowing the hate speech to stand. Furthermore, the MoveOn community voted overwhelming approval of the hate speech instead of voting it down.

Lamont's acceptance of MoveOn's (and Sharpton's) support says more about his personal ethics, character, and integrity than any number of Republicans or Karl Rove operatives could possibly say. Quite frankly, if you had run Joe Lieberman-- a decent and honorable human being even if I don't always agree with him-- for President in 2004, the Democrats would control the White House. You ran John Kerry, another MoveOn candidate who consorted with Al Sharpton, instead and that is why you have Bush for another four years.

MoveOn.org = Donkey cancer and the Democratic Party needs to excise it soon.


When you typed that, was there foam coming out of your mouth?

It just sorta has that...rabid...feel to it.

- Bob

Your dislike of my statement is noted. Now the facts you have, if any, that contradict it? :-)

The bottom line is that MoveOn.org knowingly and willfully allowed its Action Forum to be used as a platform for anti-Semitic, anti-Catholic, and racist hate speech. Denial is not a river in Egypt.
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