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Tuesday, October 31, 2006


The Definition of Insanity

New ad:

More ideas from Ned
This ad is the best attack ad yet. It uses humor to drive home the point that Lieberman's experience and lack of good judgment hurts us.

If you want to see "ideas from Ned", have a look at Lamont's energy plan.

Lamont's energy plan is creative. It's different, it's enterpreneurial and practical. It's like nothing we've ever seen from Stay the Course Lieberman or the rest of that beltway dead wood.

This energy plan shows the kind of LEADERSHIP and the good, new ideas that Senator Lamont will bring to the table.
Well joe, since you were kind enough to point me in the direction of Ned's ideas, I will be kind enough to share some facts with you. Ethanol is stupid. For every 100 units of energy expended (if it is corn that is the tractor to plant, harvest, dry, and process etc) we get about 80 units of energy back. while I will admit that it sounds better than dealing with the nuts in the middle east, there are plenty of sources of energy here that we can tap. Clean coal, more drilling etc. The problem with a lot of this technology is that the govt changes the rules half way through a company's investment process. This screws with the economics of the investment and it frankly isnt fair. Ethanol is really a giveaway for corn farmers. There is better technology (try methanol), but with that process the value is acrued to the processor not the farmer. We have great coal and gas resources. We should figure a way to exploit them efficiently and cleanly. Ned talks about brazil--does he want to compare our economy to brazil?
I can't wait to start shoveling coal into the hopper of my car :P
@carter -- Oh, energybanalist just wants to show you how smart he is. He forgets that the Bushcos are promoting ethanol as a way to win over the farmers. But, he can be forgiven because he does business in that country called muslims.

All energy sources should be looked at and evaluated. There's no silver bullet since we haven't done anything significant re: energy conservation since the late 70s.
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